Are we delivering Points or solutions

As I sat in yet another management meeting today getting ready to provide a status update…  I kept thinking about my status update..  I was thinking how can i deliver the same message yet again.  Sorry the dog ate my homework…  We didn’t have enough time..  Resource constraints.. Blah blah blah blah..


So I decided to make a hard left instead…   A leanleff 😉  I started to talk about how yet again the teams failed to deliver the points they had committed to deliver.  So of course the swirl started.  I affectionally call this blamestorming..  So I began to redirect..  I posed this question to the Management team..  Are we delivering points or solutions?  The teams have actually been able to deliver these 3 features so does that make the points less or more valuable?  I had a bunch of puzzled looks… But it did alter the conversation.

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